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About Us

Hartmann GmbH specializes in complete deionized water treatment in clinics and medical practices, laboratories, research institutions and industrial companies. In doing so, we are advancing to become a leading production-related service provider specializing in:

  • Pure and ultrapure water technology
  • Cleaning, disinfection and drying machines
  • Detergents and disinfectants
  • Stainless steel furniture
  • Quality assurance, validation, safety checks

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we also develop efficient, cost-effective and reliable solutions with high quality based on your individual requirements. A high mileage of the systems and devices as well as sustainable profitability are focused properties for your satisfaction. However, should failures occur, our customer-oriented and comprehensive customer service is available to you around the clock.

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Our Vision

Hartmann GmbH is seen as the leading provider of pure and ultrapure water technology, cleaning, disinfection and drying machines as well as quality assurance and validation in the laboratory and medical sectors. We are perceived as an excellent, stable company and excellent business partner.
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Our quality standards

We see ourselves as responsible for the satisfaction of our customers, employees and other interest groups. Of course, we guarantee reliable, safe, efficient and user-friendly solutions.
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Our customer focus

For us, the focus is on the customer. Through the constant exchange with customers and continuous market research, we always tailor the quality of our products and services to individual needs.
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Our product safety

When manufacturing our products, we pay attention to user safety, in compliance with legal and technical requirements. Appropriate risk analyzes and procedures to increase product safety help us to do justice to these circumstances.
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Our employee motivation

Our employees actively participate in the process of continuous quality improvement. Through well-founded training and further education, we create a high level of qualification, flexibility and willingness to perform.
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Our sense of sustainability and environmental protection

The careful use of environmental resources is a matter of course for us. We meet this requirement with modern production methods and the high energy efficiency of the products we manufacture.