HA-RO complete

Bild HA-RO Complete - VE-Wasseraufbereitungsanlage

The HA-RO complete is a high-quality VE water treatment system in a completely closed, low-noise cabinet design. The reverse osmosis process ensures water qualities according to ASTM Type II and Type III as well as DIN ISO 15883 reached. The pure water quality is 5 - 15 µS/cm. The vibration-damped system cabinet with a central control unit (10" touch display) enables intuitive operation of the system with a minimum noise level.

The measured values ​​are processed completely via the SPS, so that separate field regulation and control devices for level, conductivity, temperature, pressure and UV intensity are no longer required are. Due to the space-saving construction and the sophisticated design, this compact system can be integrated into any laboratory environment.

>> RO permeate output: 80 - 500 l/h
>> Pure water quality: 5 - 15 µS/cm
>> W/D/H: 1000/600/1900

  1. Ready-to-connect deionized water treatment system – Plug&Treat
  2. Fully equipped closet system
  3. compact, high-quality deionized water treatment as RO system
  4. compact, high-quality deionized water treatment as RO system
  5. Visualisierung, Bedienung und Parametrierung über Steuerung
  6. Visualization, operation and parameterization via controller
  7. Connection to control technology possible
  8. Electrical and control expansion up to complete building supply with deionized water
  9. Measured value processing completely via PLC
  10. all measuring points can be calibrated and adjusted
  11. all conductivity displays are temperature-compensated
  12. horizontal non-wearing stainless steel inline high-pressure pump
  13. high-quality electrical and hydraulic brand components
  1. Quality-controlled double softening in a counter-current process with chlorine electrolysis
  2. soft water monitoring
  3. Salt deficiency alarm
  4. Storage tank with sloping bottom
  5. electrodeionization
  6. UV disinfection with recirculation
  7. sterile filtration
  1. Permeate output: 80 - 500 l/h
  2. Pure Water Quality: 5 - 15 μS/cm (depending on the Raw Water Quality)
  3. Double Softener: 2 x 60 m³/°dH
  4. Brine Tank: 50 l
  5. Tank Volume (internal): 80 l
  6. RO-Fine Filter: 10“ or 20“
  7. Water inlet: DN 25
  8. Water outlet: DN 25
  9. Drain: DN 50
  10. Connection Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  11. Raw Water Pressure: 3,0 - 6,0 bar
  12. Raw Water Temperature: 5°C - 25°C
  13. Ambient Temperature: 5°C - 30°C
  14. Dimensions in mm (W x D x H): 1000 x 600 x 1900
  15. Weight: approx. 450 kg, depending on the Version

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