Iron Filter

Well or tap water is often rich in iron and manganese. These substances are not visible in the water as long as the water does not come into contact with oxygen in the air. If this does happen, the result is unsightly discoloration and turbidity of the water, which can cause unwanted deposits in systems and on instruments.

In order to filter out these metals, an iron filter is used. Our iron filters are equipped with Oxydizer technology, which uses the "Birm" filter medium. On the one hand, "Birm" works as a catalyst between oxygen and undissolved iron/manganese compounds, which means it stimulates the reaction of the iron with the dissolved oxygen. On the other hand, "Birm" itself serves as a filter medium to catch the solid particles from the oxidation reaction .

The oxidation is perfected by an additional aeration chamber in which the water is enriched with atmospheric oxygen. Simply put, this is the "turbo" of oxidation, which converts the dissolved metals into solid particles even faster.

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