TOC Monitoring

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Monitoring

What does TOC mean?

The abbreviation TOC stands for total organic carbon and gives the sum of the total organic carbon in a sample - in in our case in a water sample. The term "organic carbon" here stands for organic substances, since all known organic substances are based on Carbon based.

Inorganic and organic carbon

The proportion of inorganic carbon (TIC ... inorganic carbon) and organic carbon (TOC) together result in the proportion of the total carbon ( TC ... total carbon). The TOC is important for ­pure­water­treatment­.

TOC in water samples

Clean spring water usually only has a TOC content of 1-2 mg/l. Values of 2-10 mg/l are already being reached in rivers, streams and lakes. In heavily polluted waters, the TOC value can rise to over 100 mg/l. To determine the TOC content of water, three different methods according to DIN EN1484 are common in Germany.

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