Pure- and Ultrapure Water Treatment Systems

Deionized water by ultrapure water systems

Whether for demanding applications in medical technology, bioscience, analysis or to supply analyzers, autoclaves e.g. in doctors's offices and laboratory washers: Today's highly sensitive applications require ultrapure water systems in order to be continuously supplied with ultrapure water of consistently the highest quality.

Our ultrapure water systems are suitable for producing pure and ultrapure water (Type I and Type II water). Pretreated water from a reverse osmosis, electrodeionisation, or from an ion exchanger is required as feed water. Some small systems can be operated directly with drinking water. The systems are characterized by their cost-effectiveness and flexibility for many applications.

Example: If, for example, a doctor's office requires ultrapure water, our HA-RO cube large reverse osmosis system would be suitable as a feed water supplier for our ultrapure water systems (depending on the drinking water quality).

Your selection of the right ultrapure water system for laboratory, research or production depends on several important factors:

No matter whether doctor's office, laboratory, hospital
or industry!

  • daily requirement of ultrapure water
  • additional application-specific treatment processes
  • monitoring criteria
  • validation aspects

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Our current Range of Ultrapure Water Systems: