Pure and Ultrapure Water Treatment: UV Sterilization


Bild UV-Desinfektion

Disinfection by ultraviolet radiation - safer and cheaper than chemical sterilization!

The disinfection of water with ultraviolet radiation has the advantage of without the use of chemical substances. With UV disinfection, the microorganisms in the water (bacteria, viruses, other microorganisms) are treated with UV light irradiated. The resulting cell damage prevents these microorganisms from continuing to reproduce. This means that the water is germ-free.

without the use of chemicals

Similar to the room disinfection with UV-C Radiation works in this case also in the water.

With UV disinfection, no harmful and carcinogenic substances are added to the water. In addition, there is no storage and transport of some toxic and corrosive substances.

The operating costs of UV disinfection are therefore lower than chemical disinfection, since only costs for lamp replacement and electricity are incurred.

Our UV disinfection is characterized by easiest lamp replacement and display of the lamp replacement interval either by an operating hours counter or by indicator strips. Malfunctions of the UV lamp are signaled by an acoustic buzzer.


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