Hardness Monitoring

Hardness Monitoring/Soft Water Controller V4

The hardness controller is used for the continuous monitoring of the water hardness during the treatment process and is designed as an upstream device in front of reverse osmosis systems or ultrapure water systems.

For this purpose, a part of the process water is permanently passed through the hardness measuring cell. In the event of contact with hardening agents, the detected water hardness is signalled in red and a potential-free contact is closed. span>. This monitoring contact can be evaluated for the protection of downstream devices or systems. If insufficient softening is determined by triggering the contact, the cause of the fault must be found.

Because the water only flows through the hardness controller and the hardness measuring cell can be regenerated, consumed himself no water. The regeneration of the hardness measuring cell takes place using brine, which is sucked out of the brine tank with the help of the supplied syringe and then poured into the measuring cell is pressed.

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