HA-RO clipra Reverse Osmosis System

Bild HA-RO clipra Untertischosmose

Pure water treatment for clinics and practices

With this compact pure water treatment system, you can produce ultrapure water in your clinic or practice. Due to its compact dimensions, the system is ideally suited for under-table installation and therefore blends almost invisibly into your clinic or practice environment.

The system comes in a compact base cabinet and is ideal for under-table installation. The system is delivered ready for connection, is already completely piped and contains everything required Components. The integration into your clinic environment is therefore easy.

  1. Ready-to-Connect Reverse osmosis system
  2. for the desalination of softened or hardness-stabilized drinking water according to d. German Drinking Water Ordinance
  3. Compact pure water treatment system as an under-counter unit
  4. installed in 120 cm wide base cabinet with free choice of make
  5. rollable
  6. incl. base 100 mm and internal stainless steel collection tray
  7. Worktop on request
  8. Dimensions: (WxDxH): 1200 x 570 x 860 mm
  1. system separator
  2. Cabinet individual softening cap. 16
  3. Pre-filtration (activated carbon combination filter cartridge 5μm 10" with 2 manometers)
  4. Soft water sampling tap
  5. Soft water solenoid valve
  6. Safety pressure switch raw water 0.5 bar
  7. 2 flow meter permeate, concentrate
  1. working pressure gauge
  2. Conductivity measurement permeate
  3. Conductivity measurement diluate with sampling tap
  4. Membrane expansion tank including pressure gauge
  5. complete piping, tubing and wiring
  6. internal sewage piping
Reverse Osmosis System
  1. 1 membrane element including pressure pipe
  2. Performance permeate: 100ltr/h at 15°C
  3. Membrane retention rate 99% salts, >99% germs, bacteria
  4. WCF rate adjustable up to 75%
  1. Capacity diluate: approx. 80ltr/h
  2. typ. conductivity in μS/cm: <1
  3. TOC value in ppb: < 30
  4. Bacteria content in CFU/ml: < 1
Control cabinet with microprocessor control and two-line text display
  1. 12 digital inputs (e.g. hardness measurement, pump fault, inlet pressure, flow rate, external release)
  2. 8 digital outputs (e.g. pumps, solenoid valves, collective error message)
  3. 1 internal fieldbus (communication with conductivity transmitters)

Model: HA-ROclipra100EDI

Product Water
  1. Expansion Stage: HA-RO 100
  2. Permeate Output: 100 l/h (bei 15 °C)
  3. Diluate Output: 80 l/h (bei 15 °C)
Hydraulic Connection
  1. Feed water: Drinking water, according to EU directive 98/83/EG
  2. Free Chlorine: < 0,01 mg/l
  3. Manganese Content: < 0,05 mg/l
  4. Iron Content: < 0,05 mg/l
  5. Colloid Index: < 3
  6. pH-Range: 4 - 11
  7. Raw Water Pressure: 4,0 - 6,0 bar
  8. Raw Water Temperature: 5 - 25 °C
  9. Raw Water Input: 20 DN AG
  10. Deionized Water Output: 20 DN AG
  11. Drain: 50 DN
Electrical Connection
  1. Nominal Voltage: 230 V
  2. Rated Current: 4,4 A
  3. Frequency: 50 Hz
  4. Nominal Power: 800 W
  5. Back-up Fuse: 16 A
  6. Degree of Protection: IP 44
  7. Protection Class: 1
Installation site requirements
  1. Ambient Temperature: 5 – 30 °C
  1. Height: 865 mm
  2. Width: 1200 mm
  3. Depth: 570 mm
  4. Weight (without Water): 140 kg
  5. Sound Pressure Level: < 70 dB (A)

On request, we can also manufacture these systems according to your special requirements, so that other performance levels are also possible.

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