Aquinity² P35/70 Water Treatment

Bild Aquinity P35/70 - Wasseraufbereitungsanlage
Pure and Ultrapure Water straight from the tap

The Aquinity2 P35/70 system produces pure and ultrapure water from tap water. With the help of a conditioning module and a reverse osmosis module, deionized water or pure water is produced at a production rate of 10 l/h. This is then stored in an external storage tank (35 l or 70 l), from which can be tapped directly. In the second stage, ultrapure water is produced with downstream mixed-bed cartridges, which is tapped with a flexible dispenser can. To ensure consistently high ultrapure water quality, the water is automatically circulated when no ultrapure water is being drawn from the system.

Configurations and Operation

The Aquinity2 ultrapure water system is available in different configurations for different pure and ultrapure water quality requirements - tailored to the respective applications ( Reagents, Analytics and Life Science). The device is conveniently operated via a color touchscreen, on which recorded data and Warning messages are clearly displayed.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

Thanks to the integrated self-diagnosis module, service times and costs reduced. With the help of the maintenance tool integrated into the software, the customer can easily maintain it himself.


The specially designed housing contains all components. Only the side panel needs to be removed to carry out maintenance work. This service access allows easy access to the ultra clean module and the UV lamp.

Integrated conditioning and reverse osmosis module

The integrated conditioning and reverse osmosis modules produce deionized water and pure water respectively at a production rate of 10 l/h from the supplied tap water.

Pure water from the storage tank

The produced pure water or deionized water (DI water) can be tapped directly from the storage tank, which can have a size of 35 L or 70 L.

Ultra pure water through mixed-bed cartridges

The pure water is then routed from the storage tank into a combination of optimized mixed bed cartridges. pure water is produced there from the pure water.

Integrated TOC monitor (TI version)

TOC monitoring for continuous checking of the water for organic components during operation and when not in use

Volumetric controlled water release

The dispenser enables volumetrically controlled water dispensing in 0.1 liter increments with a dispensing volume of 0.1 to 99 L. With the help of the overflow protection, the water can be dispensed without supervision.

Easy operation and support by software tools

Control and display of data and warnings via color touch screenself-diagnostic module and Maintenance tool easy to operate via touchscreen

Space-saving thanks to wall mounting

If you order the wall-mounted configuration, you mount the entire system to the wall, saving valuable desk space.

Space-saving through table integration (BI version)

This configuration also saves valuable desk space as the actual system is installed under the desk. Only the display and the dispenser are mounted on the wall.

Ultrapure Water Specifications ASTM Typ I:
  1. Conductivity: 0,055 μS/cm + <1 µS/cm
  2. Resistance: 18,2 MΩ x cm + 0,5 MΩ x cm
  3. Totally Organic Carbon (TOC): < 10ppb Reagent | <5ppb Life Sciences | < 3ppb Analytical
  4. Pyrogens (Endotoxins): 0,001* EU/ml
  5. Bacterial Content: < 1 KbE/ml*
  6. Particle Content: less than 1/ml (> 0,2 μm)
  7. RNAse: < 1 pg/ml*
  8. DNAse: < 5 pg/ml*
Feed Water Requirements:
  1. Type: Tap Water
  2. Conductivity: < 1400 μS/cm
  3. Inlet Pressure: 1,5 bis 6 bar
  4. Free Chlorine: < 0,1 mg/l
  5. Silt Density Index(SDI): <3
  6. pH-Range: 3-9
  7. Temperature: 5 to 25 °C
Device Specifications:
  1. Dimensions Device W x H x D: 504 x 535 x 680 mm
  2. Power Connection: 110-230 V/50 Hz
  3. Dosing Flow: 2,0 l/min (1,5 l/min*)
  4. Productivity Rate: 10 l/h, optional 20 l/h
  5. UV Lamp: 185 nm / 254 nm
  6. Final Filter: Capsule 0,2 µm
  7. Pretreatment Module ProPak R10
  8. Conditioning Module P
  9. Ultrapure Module MemPak
  10. Ultrafiltration Module

* with Life-Science-Model

Matched to your desired requirements, the Aquinity2 P35/70 water treatment is available in the following < strong>Configurations available:

UV Reactor
UF Module
TOC Monitoring
20 l/h
Life Science
Analytic TI
Life Science TI

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