Rein- und Reinstwassertechnik

Pure water by ultrapure water treatment

Pure and pure water is specially purified water that, in contrast to conventional natural water, contains almost no foreign substances, e.g. salts, minerals , germs or bacteria.

Ultra Pure Water Treatment with Hartmann GmbH

Ultra pure water is one of the most valuable and important raw materials for work processes in medicine, research and industry. So it is often used as process water, rinsing water, boiler feed water or cooling water as well as in laboratories for reliable treatment for the central laboratory water supply. In medical technology, on the other hand, pure and ultrapure water is used for instrument processing in central sterile goods supply departments (CSSD) and thus requires consistently high water quality.

But how does it come about? the ultrapure water? Through a wide variety of water treatment processes, which can also be combined with each other. This particularly pure water, also called deionate, is the pure chemical compound H2O, without any foreign substances. Due to its low conductivity, ultrapure water should not be confused with distilled or demineralized water.

If drinking water is not pure enough:
Pure water treatment by experts

When it comes to ultrapure water treatment , we rely on modern treatment stages. Starting with filtration and ion exchange via the Reverse osmosis  to electrodeionization. Matching storage and distribution concepts are part of our customer-specific solutions. The best thing about it: Hartmann GmbH produces the optimal ultrapure water treatment system according to your very specific quality specifications, which also correspond to your individual needs in terms of size and performance. You can find more about our options for deionized water treatment in our brochure

Look at our devices for ultrapure water production:

First-hand service and advice

Our systems are manufactured in strict compliance with the drinking water ordinance, DIN 285, DIN EN 15883, CLSI and ASTM and are characterized in particular by low operating costs and minimal maintenance. We would be happy to help you decide on the right water treatment system, to clarify questions about water requirements, the necessary flexibility in terms of degrees of purity and the available space.


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